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Congratulations, Byron fans!
year old trumpet popster and Byron Stripling continues to impress the Orchestral community with her latest live presentation.

As seen below, Byron maintains a neutral 'Music Factor' rating, has Zero web votes and Zero comments so far in the forums.

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    Classical Mystery Tour

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    Byron Stripling's Bio:
    Full Name: Byron Stripling
    Speciality: trumpet
    Ethnicity: Black
    Gender: M
    Elimination Order: 0
    About: With a contagious smile and captivating charm, trumpet virtuoso, Byron Stripling, has ignited audiences internationally. As soloist with the Boston Pops Orchestra, Stripling has performed frequently under the baton of Keith Lockhart, as well as being featured soloist on the PBS television special, "Evening at Pops," with conductors John Williams and Mr. Lockhart. Since his Carnegie Hall debut with Skitch Henderson and the New York Pops, Stripling has become a pops orchestra favorite throughout the country, soloing with Boston Pops, National Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony, Cincinnati Pops, Seattle Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, and Dallas Symphony to name a few. He has been a featured soloist at the Hollywood Bowl and performs at jazz festivals throughout the world. Currently, Stripling serves as artistic director and conductor of the highly acclaimed Columbus Jazz Orchestra. A resident of Ohio, STRIPLING lives in the country with his wife, former dancer, writer and poet, Alexis and their beautiful daughters.

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    Our Last Words on Byron Stripling:
    Safe for another vote, Byron Stripling maintains an overall neutral rating and is the subject of 0 posts in our Comments Forum.

    Byron is still in the Reality TV running, so congratulations Byron on your ongoing moments of fame in the The Philly Pops - Season 2017 Reality TV spotlight!

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    Shem von Schroeck
    Votes this Season: 1
    Music Factor Rating: 10

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    Marva Hicks 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
    Most Energy:
    Micah Wilshire 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
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    Micah Wilshire 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
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    Alli Mauzey 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
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